(Under the societies registration act xxi of 1860)


NAME : The name of the society shall be Yasin Kishwar Welfare Foundation.

ADDRESS : The registered office the society shall be at LG-126, Hafeez Centre, Main Boulevard Gulberg -III, Lahore.



The Association shall be established exclusively for the welfare of people especially for women and children’s education, health, empowerment and development purposes, including the following:


To assist, support and initiate welfare programs that empower oppressed class of the society.


To provide standard living place to poor people.


To conduct meeting to design concrete programs and getting involved in such programs.


To promote awareness regarding education, health and hygienic problems, as well as  students issue those are in the society


To ensure students security and protection and the other living issues that put urgent attention in dealings.


Brings a pleasant, healthy and home like environment for the students under the supervision of well educated, competent and sound persons of the society.


Conducting seminars, workshop and interactive group activities that give new ideas. To provide quality education for children of  lower income group especially in rural and backward areas.


To undertake health and hygiene promotional activities, setting up health – care centers.


To make an employment – oriented vocational training and teacher training institute.


To persuade the elite class of people to have social interaction with poor people so that their social status stands elevated.


To take children’ welfare and women literacy programs.


To work for the rehabilitation of the incapacitated and disabled men, women and children.


To draw up plans and their implementation for all-round social development of the people in rural and backward areas.


To co-ordinate and networking amongst like mind people, groups and organizations.


To provide institute of interactive group activates that brings positive behavioral changes.


To provide a forum for the achievement of objectives and goals of students in this society.


Help the students with legal and other possible aid.


To provide free mess, medicine and transport facility to deserving students.


To raise the moral values among students.


And generally to undertake, do no perform all such acts matters or things as may be desirable or necessary in the opinion of the governing body of the society for the accomplishment of the forgoing objectives or any of them and in the generality of the foregoing, to engage staff in remuneration, to bring out publication, to borrow or raise the secure the payments of money, open operate and maintain bank accounts, to sell, exchange, mortgage, net or lease or otherwise deal with the property and accounts of the society, to purchase, take on lease tenancy or exchange, hire, over and otherwise, and to insure and maintaining its assists, interest or property, and to hold, develop, deal, with and turn to account any property, assist or rights, real or personal of any kind and in the discretion of the government body to apply the assets of the society in or towards the establishment of any association and/ or institution the object and purposes of which are in accordance with the objects of the society.


The all above said things and any other lawful things, incidental or conductive of the attainment of the objectives and with the propose in view of the society do all or any of the objectives and with the propose in view of the society.


To receive any property, real, personal or mixed under the terms of any will, deed, truest or other instrument for the foregoing proposes or any of them.


To receive, take a title to hold and use the proceeds, Income of stocks, bonds, obligations or other securities of any corporation or corporations but only for the foregoing.


To open up the offices anywhere for the purposes of the society.


The sources of the finance of the society shall include:


Membership and other fee/dues preserved by the Governing body of the society.


Donations/ by cheque receive by the society.


Contributions from sources acceptable to the governing body of the association.


The income and property of the society however derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the society and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly by way of dividend, bonus or profit to the members of the association and/or transferred directly by the way divided, bonus or profit to the members of the society and/ or their relatives.


Earning of the society which any arise on account of its working.