Terms & Conditions (Articles of Association)


  1. Any adult/female can get membership of the “Yasin Kishwar Welfare Foundation" if he/ she is major and sane and bears the good moral character.
  2. He / she fully agreed to the objectives and the constitutions of the association.
  3.  A member will have to pay membership fee and subscription fee as well to be fixed by the association from time to time.

Disqualification From Membership

A member shall cease to be the in case of any of the following.

  1. By death.
  2. By registration in writing address to the chairperson.
  3. By the becoming insane.
  4. For not attending the three consecutive, meeting
  5. If he fails to pay the subscription fee.
  6. If he commits evil and immoral activities or works against the interest of the association,


The election of the governing body will be held after three years.

Source of Income

  1. Membership Fees / admission fee.
  2. Grants.
  3. Gifts.
  4.  Donation from different departments or generous persons.

Bank Account

The bank account will be opened in the name of the foundation in any schedule bank. The bank account will be operated and cheque. Will be signed by the chairperson along with any once f the following,

  • General Secretary.
  • Finance secretary.

Meeting Schedule

The meeting of the foundation will be held as and when the governing body member deem fit, or as and when exigency of the foundation demands but necessary once in the month. The days for this purpose a prior notice of the 10 days will be issued to all concerned. The agenda will be sent to all concerned one week before such meeting.

Postponement of Meeting

The chairperson will be empowered to call for the meeting and in case of unpleasant situation, the meeting shall be postponed. In case of death or registration the executive committee in its special meeting will fill the vacancy.


The account of the foundation shall be audited annually and the auditor shall be appointed by the chairperson.


The quorum will be 2/3 of the total members.


The amendment in the constitution be made by 3/5th majority of the total members as and when the governing body members deems fit in the interest of the society. This will be in accordance with the provision of section 12 of the society’s registration Act 1860.

Exemption Certificate

The exemption from tax will be sought from the competent authority like commissioner income tax under section 2 (36). Of the income tax ordinance 2001. The renewal of the exemption will also be applied regularly as required under law.


If unfortunately the foundation is to be dissolved its assets liabilities would be transferred to association having identical aims and objects duly approved under the society’s registration act 1860. Section 13 of sera 1860 shall be followed.


Verified by the undersigned that the rules and regulation are true and correct to the best of our knowledge.